Stop doubting, analysing and meeting other's expectation....  

Choose with clarity and peace for what makes your heart beat!

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5 choices that aren't choices

Discover how you keep yourself from making the right choice. 

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After a session with Anneke you go home with an enormous boost in self confidence and at least 3 groundbreaking insights. 

Emma, PhD student

How would it be for you if every choice is clear? When you immediately know what's right for you? No more doubting, overanalysing or worrying about what other people think, but feeling clearly inside what is the right choice. 

By trusting your heart, your gut and your intuition, you are able to make choices that are not only clear, but also energising, powerful and fulfilling.

A beating heart, beats everything


5 choices that aren't choices

Discover how you keep yourself from making the right choice.

Including THE tip for making the step from head to heart.

From head to heart

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Without a doubt you have connected to deeper wishes and desires before. But often we choose from fear instead of love. Most of us rather choose for others than for ourself. And the most important choices we usually make with our head, while the heart is the only thing that counts. 
Being effective and impactful in a relaxed way is about making conscious choices. Not the choices that make sense on paper, but the choices that make your heart beat. 
I am Anneke and I support you to take the step from doubting, analysing and choosing for others to following your heart. 
In my approach I combine conscious growth and spirituality with a good dose of pragmatism. 

Choosing from your heart

Work with me to let your heart beat and make the right choices. All my services are based on the following three steps.  

What is keeping you from living from your heart? In this step we discover where it is not flowing in your life and what blockages are in the way.


In this second step you become free from behaviour that no longer serves you. This makes you free to connect to your true desires. 


In this last step you build a strong foundation to make choices and act from desires, now and in the future. 



A firm foundation, so you can make your own powerful choices. 

A listener that hears more than you say.

No unsolicited advice. But the tools that make you your own advisor. 

Not always easy, but simple and effective, exercises.

A coach you can trust, so you can work on your selftrust.

No sweet talk. But openness, honesty and transparency. 

When working with me you may count on:

Choosing for desires

Discover how you keep yourself from making the right choices

5 choices that aren't choices


Are you done with a life full of doubt?

And ready for a life from the heart? 

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